Challenges brings to stone industry during Covid period

The past year has undoubtedly been a year of great pressure and suffering for many merchants in the stone and stone machinery industry, both Chinese suppliers and foreign buyers.

The first is the skyrocketing international sea freight. With COVID continues to worsen around the world, some countries locking down cities , a large number of international vessel/air routes have been suspended due to suspension of ports and flights , and the remaining cargo space has been looted. Compared with the same period last year, the sea freight of European and American routes has increased by about 10 times, which has greatly increased the procurement cost of importers, for instance, a bridge saw from Xiamen to Miami USA from $2000 before COVID to now $13000 above . a polishing machine which need take container of 40GpP, from Xiamen to Antwerp port before Covid the shipping rate keep at $1000-$1500, after outbreak of covid, it jump to $14000-15000, Moreover, due to the large-scale congestion of the port and shortage of containers, the arriving schedule are badly delayed.means Consignees not able to receive the products as planned and may influence the normal production.

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The second is the rise in the price of raw materials. Affected by the shortage of supply, the prices of raw materials such as steel, copper and iron have risen sharply, which has also greatly increased the production cost of machines and tools. Stone machines prices such as cutting saw machine, polishing machine for marble and granite, calibrating machine etc all have to adjusted  about 8-10% increase .this happens within whole industry.

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Based on the current complex external situation, we kindly remind all buyers to plan your orders in advance. As a professional supplier of stone machinery and tools, Xiamen Mactotec Equipment Co.,Ltd will continue to provide customers with competitive products and perfect services.

Post time: Jul-12-2022